'The High Court gave Sadiq Khan a real kicking over Streetspace road scheme'

21 January 2021, 16:53

By Sam Sholli

This was the reaction of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association General Secretary to the High Court ruling that Transport for London’s “Streetspace” road scheme treated the capital's taxi drivers 'unlawfully.'

The "Streetspace" scheme introduced bus-only corridors - which restricted access to taxi drivers across central London in May.

Justice Lang, in her judgment, found that TfL “took advantage of the pandemic” to introduce “radical changes” to London’s streets.

The decision-making process for the plan, which banned taxis from parts of Bishopsgate, was also found by Justice Lang to be "seriously flawed".

Licensed Taxi Drivers Association General Secretary Steve McNamara told LBC's Nick Ferrari: "The Mayor and Will Norman who is the Mayor's cycling tsar got a real kicking with this yesterday.

"And what [the judgment] says is...they decided they were going to use this pandemic to push through their agendas of 'two wheels good, four wheels bad'.

"That's their agenda and they were going to push it through at all costs.

"And all of the surveys and all of the equality assessments...that you have to do before you bring a traffic scheme in were done after they'd decided to do it and were done to justify it."