The Moment Nick Ferrari Told Union Boss: "It's Game Over On Strikes"

9 November 2017, 15:57

This is the moment Nick Ferrari was forced to tell a union boss that it was “game over” for rail strikes.

On Wednesday drivers from the Aslef union voted 4-1 to end an 18-month dispute over driver-only trains.

The agreement means drivers will receive a pay rise of 28.5% over the next five years and be joined on-board on every train by a second employee with full safety training - other than in "exceptional circumstances".

Southern Rail Nick Ferrari
Picture: PA/LBC

It brings to an end a dispute that began in April last year, resulting in a series of strikes that have caused disruption for commuters, students and other passengers.

But, the deal has not been well received by the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union.

Its general secretary, Mick Cash, told Nick Ferrari that the dispute was far from over.

“That deal done yesterday is a bad deal,” he said.

“For us as a union keeping the second safety-critical guard on the train is about safety, not about money.

“In those circumstances it doesn’t deliver a safe, secure and accessible railway. It institutionalises discrimination against disabled and older people and the dispute continues.”

Nick, however, responded: “Respectfully, and I know why you’re doing it and credit to you, you’re trying to hold on to the personnel who have their jobs and that’s what unions were put on this earth to do.

“But lets be candid with each other, it’s game over isn’t it.”

Watch Mick’s response in the clip at the top of this page.