"The Most Sense I've Heard In Weeks": Nick Ferrari Backs Caller's Brexit Plan

11 December 2018, 07:53

This caller's well-thought out plan for how to proceed next with Brexit got Nick Ferrari's seal of approval.

Alex in Mill Hill suggested that we should extend Article 50 and then get a cross-party group together to negotiate the best possible deal, which should then be put to the country.

He told Nick Ferrari: "This is what Corbyn should do now, rather than this vote of no confidence.

"He should say he'll delay Article 50, get a cross-party MPs to go and negotiate. Whatever we come back with, we'll put to the public. If the public want it, then we'll vote for it.

"That's how we get around this nonsense. I actually put it to Corbyn yesterday. There is some interest in delaying Article 50 and having a cross-party group of MPs."

Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio
Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"That's the most sense I've heard for a few weeks," Nick told him. "I think that's a damned good idea at face value.

"You'd have to get everyone to sign up. It has to be that everyone signs up. But it makes more sense than most things I've heard in the last few weeks."