The New Defence Secretary Has A Pet Tarantula… Nick’s Reaction Is Priceless

3 November 2017, 08:48 | Updated: 3 November 2017, 08:58

Britain’s new Defence Secretary keeps a pet tarantula on his office desk, but it’s the name of the spider which left Nick Ferrari alarmed.

Giving his priceless reaction, the LBC presenter simply couldn’t believe Gavin Williamson had called his pet Cronus.

“Cronus was a Greek God. But Cronus gained power by castrating his father and then retained power by eating his children,” Nick quipped as he began to explain his astonishment.

Nick Ferrari Gavin Williamson
Picture: LBC/PA

“So he castrates his dad, eats his children to ensure he doesn’t get unseated and this man is in charge of our nuclear arsenal is he? And that’s what he calls a pet?

“Where do these people come from?!”

This then led Nick on a journey of trying to think of the most obscure pet names he has come across.

“I’ve got a friend who calls her dog Mr Chips - which I think is quite nice, but that’s friendly.”

Watch his hilarious reaction above.