"The UK would vote in the lethal injection for terrorists," caller tells Nick Ferrari

20 February 2020, 08:54 | Updated: 20 February 2020, 09:01

This is the moment a caller told Nick Ferrari the UK would vote in the lethal injection for terrorists.

Peter from Cardiff put this suggestion forward after the Prime Minister was warned that his plans to extend the jail sentences of terrorists could make them more dangerous on their release due to radicalisation in prisons.

"If you had a referendum now for the death penalty... for the big blue injection, you'd have a majority for the death penalty," said Peter .

"What makes you think that, Peter? I don't know that you would," said Nick, to which Peter asked him whether he "gets out much."

Nick recognised he spends most of his life in London amongst people in the media which is "metropolitan and perhaps a little bit soft and liberal."

"You reckon the whole of the United Kingdom would bring in the lethal injection?" asked Nick.

Peter asserted that this was the case and said he'd want the same once he "goes doo-lally."