Theresa May Reveals Her Diabetes Medicine Comes From EU

16 November 2018, 08:34 | Updated: 16 November 2018, 09:26

Theresa May reveals that the insulin she needs to regulate her Type-1 Diabetes comes from the European Union in response to a question about stockpiling medicines.

During an exclusive phone-in with LBC listeners, the Prime Minister revealed that she depends on medication from the EU to regulate her Type-1 Diabetes.

Theresa May told Nick Ferrari that the Department of Health is taking steps to "make sure medicines will still be made available" in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

"Isn't that called stockpiling?" Nick asked.

"Tt's called making a contingency," she replied.

Theresa May in the LBC studio.
Theresa May revealed her Diabetes medicine comes from the European Union. Picture: LBC

Theresa May added that the issue of medicine supplies is "an issue I feel personally".

"I'm a type-1 diabetic, I rely on insulin every day," she said.

"As it happens my insulin is produced by a company in the EU.

"I know that this is an issue that is a matter of importance to people."