Time For Tasers: Met Police Commissioner Confirms More Officers Will Get Devices

17 September 2019, 12:27 | Updated: 17 September 2019, 13:00

The Commissioner of the Met Police has told LBC that more officers will be given tasers following Nick Ferrari's campaign.

Nick got the backing for 13 senior police officers, including former Met chief Lord Stevens, after writing to the Home Secretary demanding additional ring-fenced funding for all officers to carry tasers.

Speaking to Nick on Call The Commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick insisted she didn't want all officers to be given the devices, but she would be rolling them out further in the next few weeks.

Cressida Dick confirmed more officers will be given tasers
Cressida Dick confirmed more officers will be given tasers. Picture: PA / LBC

She said: "We have uplifted. We uplifted again and we're currently uplifting again.

"When I arrived in the Met, we had 4,400. We've not got just under 6,500, so that's a 50% increase.

"We're taking part in the National Police Chiefs' review of all aspects of officer safety and indeed my own board is meeting in two weeks' time, so I anticipate we will be announcing a further uplift after that.

"What I've sought to do is to get much greater availability, both through numbers and training."