Transport Secretary's Reaction When He Hears On Air That Protesters Targeted His Office

8 October 2019, 10:32

This is the Transport Secretary's response when Nick Ferrari told him that Extinction Rebellion protesters had glued themselves to his Department building.

LBC's Rachael Venables reported that climate change demonstrators had targeted the Department of Transport on day two of their two-week action to "shut down London".

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was live on LBC speaking to Nick Ferrari when he heard about the protest and he didn't hold back in his condemnation of it.

He said: "It does make it very very difficult for people to legitimately go about their jobs.

"In the Department of Transport, we are trying to help the entire country go about its work. We've just helped to rescue 150,000 people. How does stopping that Department going about its work help ordinary people?

Grant Shapps heard protesters had glued themselves to his department live on LBC
Grant Shapps heard protesters had glued themselves to his department live on LBC. Picture: PA

"The irony is that this is one of the departments in government who is doing the most to combat climate change.

"For example, only last week we were talking about bringing forward the end of sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040 to 2035.

"It doesn't help if climate change protesters make it harder to go about doing some of the things which is going to help with climate change.

"I hear them say the government is not doing anything. Nonsense. They are protesting in the country in the world which is doing the most to tackle climate change."