Trevor Phillips reveals what's behind his suspension from the Labour Party

9 March 2020, 09:51

Trevor Phillips believes he has been suspended by the Labour Party in an attempt to scare the Equality and Human Rights Commission into going soft of the party.

Mr Phillips is facing allegations of Islamophobia, which reportedly date back a number of years.

The EHRC are investigating Labour over their response to the anti-Semitism scandal that engulfed the party last year,

And he told Nick Ferrari he thinks the two stories are linked.

He said: "It is an attempt to scare the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which is conducting an inquiry in to how the Labour Party has handled allegations of anti-Semitism amongst its members.

"It may be an attempt to scare the EHRC into going soft on the party.

"I genuinely and sincerely hope that doesn't happen and that the EHRC does its job diligently and honestly."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Trevor Phillips
Nick Ferrari spoke to Trevor Phillips. Picture: LBC

Mr Phillips revealed it was a leaflet he wrote four years ago which the party is quoting as the reason to suspend him.

He added: "A letter told me I was immediately banned from Labour Party gatherings. And the reason is that I am considered to be Islamophobic and racist.

"The cause of that is principally a pamphlet which I wrote called 'Race and Faith' back in 2016 in which I argued that we did not speak honestly enough and directly enough about these issues.

"And one of the things that resulted in was that nobody was ready to speak about what was going on in Rotherham and the origins of the people involved and as a consequence of that, many hundreds of children suffered in a way they should not have done."