US Terror Attack: “Time To Ask Important Questions”

1 November 2017, 07:33 | Updated: 1 November 2017, 08:04

The Manhattan terror suspect was shot in the abdomen and is expected to survive after undergoing surgery. A security expert says it’s rare to get a perpetrator alive after this sort of attack.

Witnesses said that the suspect, named as Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek, shouted Allahu akbar.

Security expert and historian of terrorism Mike Yardley said the intelligence from this attack was “interesting”.

He added: "I do not buy that ISIS itself is just a spontaneous creation, a spontaneous organisation that’s just erupted.

"I think it has vast money behind it".

He claimed there has been “colossal funding from the Saudis and Gulf states of the radicals” and that it was time to ask important questions.

Mr Yardley told Nick there will now be extra precautions as Christmas markets get underway.

US Terror Attack
Picture: LBC/Sky