Vaccine passports 'still a potential tool' for Government, says Thérèse Coffey

13 September 2021, 12:17

By Sam Sholli

Vaccine passports are "still a potential tool" the Government could use, Work and Pensions Secretary Thérèse Coffey has told LBC.

She made the remark to LBC's Nick Ferrari after Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said the UK would not be introducing domestic vaccine passports.

Speaking of vaccine passports, she told LBC: "Well, earlier in the year, when we were considering this, we said we'd make the decision in September.

"As the Health Secretary indicated yesterday, an evaluation has been done."

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It has been decided that vaccine passports "not necessary for now", the Work and Pensions Secretary said.

Referring to the idea that the Government could "mandate having [vaccine] passports in certain environments", she said: "I'm conscious that is still a potential tool in our toolbox for the future.

"But very clearly the assessment has been done. A formal decision will be made very shortly and shared with Parliament alongside the other aspects of the winter preparedness plan which the Prime Minister will be setting out to the country tomorrow."

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