Nick Ferrari: School Skirt Row Is Because We Haven't Had A 'Damn Good War'

2 July 2018, 11:02 | Updated: 2 July 2018, 11:16

Nick Ferrari says the nonsense of banning skirts in schools is because people haven't got something to worry about, like a war.

Schoolgirls at 40 schools in England have been stopped from wearing skirts, as gender-neutral trousers become uniform to cater for transgender pupils.

One school said that skirts were "undignified and embarrassing" for staff and visitors when girls sit on the floor in assembly.

But Nick Ferrari was not impressed by the change in policy.

"Girls have been sitting on the floor of assembly for hundreds of years in skirts and somehow they've managed it," he said.

"It's because we haven't had a war that we have all this nonsense."

Nick Ferrari
Nick Ferrari. Picture: LBC

The LBC presenter continued: "Because people haven't got something to worry about, like if Russia is going to bomb us, or the German's are going bomb us, or there's going to be a siren and we're all going to have to go and hide in Victoria tube station.

"We get obsessed by gender neutral toilets and little girls sitting down in assembly.

"It is quite incredible.

"We need a damn good war to sort this out."