What's it like to have coronavirus? LBC speaks to Brit who contracted the virus

30 January 2020, 09:03 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 13:22

This British man told LBC what it is like to have coronavirus after contracting the virus in Wuhan, China.

Around 200 British nationals remain stranded in the Chinese city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak. The Government was planning to bring them back to the UK from Wuhan today, but the flight has been postponed as Chinese officials are yet to grant permission for them to leave the country.

John Reed lives in the Chinese city and went to hospital with the flu. However, after tests, doctors told him he had actually got coronavirus.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he explained what his symptoms were.

He said: "I got it on the 5th December. I had the flu and the only reason I went to hospital was because I had trouble breathing. I had a full blood test and health check and was sent home.

"Then two weeks ago, I called the hospital and asked for the results and they informed me I did have it.

"Because the virus has no cure, it's basically just waiting it out until it gets better.

Nick Ferrari spoke to a man who had coronavirus
Nick Ferrari spoke to a man who had coronavirus. Picture: PA / LBC

"It took me about two weeks to get over it. I had a bad cough at the time, so I had to take longer off work.

"It really only affects the old and people with pre-existing health problems. Normal healthy people are going to be out of work for a week and then you'll be ready to go back.

"I'm self-isolating at the moment. Everyone is here, we're not meant to be out on the streets.

"It's staying at home and making sure you're eating the right foods - that's how I got better."

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