WHO investigation into the origins of Covid-19 branded 'completely hopeless'

10 June 2021, 10:32

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The World Health Organisation's investigation into the origins of COVID-19 was 'completely hopeless' says author Stephen Glover, as the idea of a lab-leak gains more traction.

"God knows if we will ever know the truth" about the origins of Covid-19, Journalist Stephen Glover told LBC's Nick Ferrari.

He said the "whole debate has changed" about the idea coronavirus could have leaked from a Chinese lab.

Telling Nick that the idea was decried while Donald Trump was the President, he said now the divisive world leader is out of office people seem more open to believing it.

"The argument is changing, I don't know whether we'll get to the truth but we have more chance of getting to the truth than we did before."

A team of experts from WHO and China said in February that the virus was "extremely unlikely" to have entered the human population as a result of a laboratory-related incident.

But the Sunday Times last month reported that British agents now believe it is "feasible" that the crisis began with a coronavirus leak from a Chinese research laboratory in Wuhan.

Asked if the world is owed an apology after the WHO's findings in February, Dr Nabarro said: "I think all of us who work in the issue of this pandemic need to be constantly apologising because the fact that this pandemic is causing so much suffering is something that is a great distress."

He said the WHO has scientists "who just want to do the best science in the world and all they do all the time is to push at countries when countries are somewhat pushing back at us, and we just say 'give us what we need', and we're not going to stop that".