"Women Need To Toughen Up, We're Raising A Generation Of Snowflakes"

31 October 2017, 09:35

This caller said a generation of young women need to understand the difference between banter and sexual assault.

She told Nick that if a man was behaving inappropriately women had to “call him out.”

She added: “State quite clearly it's inappropriate, you don't like it and he needs to stop.  End of.

“The thing that really, really is getting me quite irritated just lately is that we don't seem to be able to identify that line that separates banter and a sexual assault.”

The caller told Nick “we ourselves, in particular, we do need to toughen up a bit these days.”

It came after she said that “whether you're a man or a woman you've got to exercise common sense, you've got to look after your own safety and you've got to be able to properly read the signals.

“Are you in a situation that could be potentially harmful or dangerous to you, or not?

“If you are then absolutely, yes you report it, if it's really serious you call the police, go to your line manager or whatever it is.”