Alastair Campbell: No-Deal Brexit Shows Project Fear Is Now Project Reality

23 August 2018, 14:13

Alastair Campbell told LBC that Project Fear has become Project Reality as the government started to outline its no-deal Brexit guidance.

Dominic Raab says the 24 technical papers tell businesses how to plan for leaving the EU with no deal and are designed to minimise the impact on British firms and citizens.

Holidaymakers are being warned of possible large increases in the cost of making card payments in Europe if there's no agreement.

They say UK citizens living in Europe also face losing access to their pension income and other financial services.

Alastair Campbell joined Nick Ferrari on Thursday morning
Alastair Campbell joined Nick Ferrari on Thursday morning. Picture: LBC

Mr Campbell, a passionate Remain supporter and campaigner for the so-called "People's Vote", says today is further evidence for another referendum.

He said: “This is not Project Fear now, this is Project Reality where an awful lot of chickens are coming home to roost.”

“Surely, as we now seem to have a very significant part of the Conservative Party that is actively fighting for no-deal and all the economic and social damage that is going to do, surely now we are reaching that point where the people have to be given a say on whether this is what they meant by Brexit.

"It’s a complete mess and what we are seeing today is the possibility that it’s not just a mess but it becomes a total catastrophe for this country."