'Amazing' and 'interesting insight' into life in prison from ex-offender

27 July 2021, 10:07

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the call from an ex-offender that LBC listeners branded "amazing," and "insightful" which gave a look at life in prison and the failures of the system.

After the Prime Minister launched a new strategy to beat crime and address offending rates one caller told LBC his personal experience.

Jason, an ex-offender, said that the government should turn to former criminals to discuss the best way forward.

Revealing he had just come out of prison after a 2-year 8-month sentence for fraud, the caller said there were no incentives for prisoners to behave while behind bars.

"If you're not rewarding people that are doing it right in prison, how do you come out and continue to live your life like that?"

When Nick asked the callers prospects now he has left prison the answer was bleak.

Revealing he had lost a prospecting job due to his background, Jason said he was homeless within two weeks of leaving and was not able to get any help.

He told Nick he ended up sleeping in a car.

Nick asked the caller what he was going to do, and the answer was "you tell me."

Jason told Nick he was 51 years old which meant he could "see through the problems of prison."

He told Nick he had directly worked with officers in his position as a prison Samaritan.

Jason said the government needed to listen to Prison Officers more, and there needs to be more engagement with prisoners to "change their mindset."

"How much violence did you witness in jail," Nick asked the caller.

"On a daily basis you're seeing people hanging themselves," revealing this was often a cry for help.

Jason said he witnessed shocking violence against other inmates and prison officers.

"I saw someone get their throat slashed in the queue for food..."

Voicing his frustrations, Jason said, "no one is talking to me."

Not only did LBC listeners email in to support Jason, they also took to social media.