Andrea Leadsom Warns Remainers As She Vows There WILL Be A Third Brexit Vote

20 March 2019, 09:23 | Updated: 20 March 2019, 09:37

Andrea Leadsom said she's confident there will be a third meaningful vote as she warned Remainers in the cabinet to focus on delivering Brexit.

Theresa May is writing to the European Union to request a delay to Brexit, but it is expected to be just three months, rather than the previously expected longer extension.

That came after John Bercow banned a third vote on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal unless it was substantially different to the previous votes, which she lost heavily.

However, speaking to LBC, Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House, insisted parliament would find a way to have a third deal.

Andrea Leadsom in the LBC studio
Andrea Leadsom in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Referring to the upcoming EU elections, which the UK would have to field candidates if we delay Brexit for over three months, Ms Leadsom said: "We're certainly not intending to field candidates.

"It's absolutely essential that we're out of the EU before the European elections. It would be extraordinary from the people who voted to leave the EU to find us fielding candidates for these next elections.

"The Prime Minister is extremely frustrated by the decision of parliament to rule out leaving on the 29th March. She remains determined to take us out of the EU and so I'm quite sure it will only be a short extension.

"The Speaker's ruling on this same question issue where you can't keep coming back putting the same question to parliament is actually subordinate to the views of parliament.

"So if parliament were to want to support the Prime Minister's deal, then there will be procedural ways in which to bring that vote back."

When Nick Ferrari asked Ms Leadsom whether there are too many Remainers in the cabinet, she responded: "The entire cabinet needs to remain focussed in getting us out of the EU.

"They would all tell you that they are completely committed to getting the Prime Minister's deal over the line.

"Colleagues came from different perspectives and have different views on different stages on the outcome if the Prime Minister's deal can't get through.

"I can only speak for myself in saying that I'm determined to deliver on the referendum."