Nick Ferrari Presses Home Office Minister Over Delay To Navy Patrols In English Channel

21 January 2019, 09:42 | Updated: 21 January 2019, 09:50

Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins defends the delay to navy ships patrolling the English Channel amid continued migrant crossings.

A spike in the number of people risking their lives to cross the English Channel has continued as 16 suspected migrants are detained after arriving on UK shores in separate landings over the weekend.

Border Force agents intercepted a dinghy off the coast of Dover on Sunday, and an abandoned dinghy was discovered on a beach in Folkestone.

It comes three weeks after Home Secretary Sajid Javid requested the help of Royal Navy ships to help patrol the Channel.

But Nick Ferrari was less than impressed when a Home Office Minister said that the promised ships were "on their way" despite them still sitting in docks.

UK Border Force patrols the Kent coast
UK Border Force patrols the Kent coast. Picture: Getty

Victoria Atkins said that the Home Office was "working with partners" including the Ministry of Defence to help bring the two promised cutters to the Channel.

Nick told the Minister: "All I'm trying to find out is that the Home Secretary said that these boats would be brought in, we're effectively three weeks down the line and they've not left Malta and Gibraltar. Never mind consulting partners, the Home secretary has failed singularly here."

But when Ms Atkins replied 'no', he asked: "Would you describe this as a success then?"

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