Ban On Tories At Grenfell Service Is Wrong, Says Nick Ferrari

12 December 2017, 10:30 | Updated: 12 December 2017, 10:45

Nick Ferrari spoke to a survivor of the fire who said she did not want to see representatives of the Conservative party at a memorial service later this week.

An inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire in west London is preparing to hear first-hand accounts from those who escaped the tower block.

Judges will also hear from people who lost relatives in the fire, which claimed seventy-one lives in June.

Today is the second day of a preliminary hearing before evidence starts to be heard in January.

The public inquiry is hearing from lawyers representing survivors and victims’ families for the first time, as Met officers consider multiple criminal offences including manslaughter, corporate manslaughter and misconduct in public office.

Yesterday Michael Mansfield QC, representing some of the 71 victims, called for a diverse panel to sit alongside the chairman, Sir Martin Moore-Bick in order to win the trust of survivors.

Speaking at the start of procedural hearings at Holborn Bars in London, Mr Mansfield said a broader panel would help the victims' families to "respond and engage" with the inquiry.

Nick Ferrari spoke to a survivor of the fire, that has since been called a "national atrocity," who said she did not want to see representatives of the Conservative party at a memorial service later this week.

She said that it was important to respect the wishes of the tragedy's survivors and that Tory councillors were "a reminder of what happened."

Nick responded that he thought everyone should be invited: "Labour councillors sat on that council and they were also made aware, but they can attend?

"You're telling me that this would never have happened if it were a Labour administration.

"I don't doubt for one second your motives, and I hope it goes well for you and all your colleagues, but why have you allowed this to become so politicised?

"You sound a very bright young person but you've just dropped into the line of 'All Conservatives are bad, all Labour are good.'

"Do you know what? You'll have some good Conservative councillors and you'll have some bad Conservative councillors in Kensington.

"You'll have some good Labour and some bad, that is the reality.

"Well meaning, decent people like you have allowed yourselves to be railroaded by the politicisation of this tragedy.

"It's too late now I know because it's just taken hold over there but you really do need to think about things like that."

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