Boris Johnson's Cabinet: Andrew Pierce On Who Will Take Government's Top Roles

24 July 2019, 09:08

Who will get the big government roles under new Prime Minister Boris Johnson? Andrew Pierce reveals who's expected to be the next Chancellor, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary.


Sajid Javid seems to have won the battle. It's been a huge tussle to become Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, wanted it too, but Boris Johnson wanted a Brexiteer. Now, you have to remember that Sajid Javid didn't support Brexit before the referendum, but was a pretty rapid convert afterwards.

Home Secretary

Priti Patel has been a big supporter of Boris Johnson for years, but I'm slightly wary of the idea that she is going to be Home Secretary because that requires someone with a huge intellect.

And while I'm a fan of Ms Patel, I wouldn't say she's noted for having a huge intellect. She's very politically savvy, she's a good media performer. I thought she might be coming in as International Trade Secretary.

Is this Boris Johnson's new cabinet?
Is this Boris Johnson's new cabinet? Picture: PA

Foreign Secretary

This is the big psycho-drama. He is definitely going to be demoted from Foreign Secretary. We hear he's been offered Defence and we hear he's refusing to take it.

So who blinks first? This looks like being the first big tussle for Boris Johnson. If he says Jeremy can stay in the Foreign Office, he loses that first battle. Or does he send him to the back benches where he could be a problem?

There were reports he wouldn't move him as he is a good Foreign Secretary, but after winning with a crushing landslide, he feels if Hunt doesn't accept a demotion, then he can throw him to the wolves.

If Jeremy Hunt does get moved to Defence, Penny Mordaunt could replace him, as the Tories' first female Foreign Secretary.

Brexit Secretary

This could stay the same - Steve Barclay. But there are reports it could also be Geoffrey Cox, he of the booming voice, the Attorney General who has spent a lot of time negotiating in Europe.

Deputy Prime Minister

Iain Duncan Smith is definitely coming back and it could be as Deputy Prime Minister or possibly Tory Party chairman.