Leave voter would stay in EU despite 'useless' jab rollout as 'we've been lied to about Brexit'

13 April 2021, 10:37

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

This Brexit voter said he would choose to stay in the EU despite its "useless" vaccine rollout because "we've been lied to" about the realities of leaving.

Steve from Brighton told Nick Ferrari he voted Leave during the 2016 referendum but would now vote Remain, regardless of how the EU's vaccine programme has fared.

It comes after research by Bloomberg revealed that support for Brexit has increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey found that two-thirds of UK adults feel Britain's departure from the EU has helped its jab rollout.

Most believed the bloc had acted in a "hostile" way towards the UK over vaccine supplies, while just 13 per cent said it had acted like an “ally and a friend.”

However, Steve said he was outraged at the "lies" told to him during the Brexit debate and that he would now vote Remain, even with Britain vaccinating a higher percentage of its population than EU countries.

"I voted to leave," he told Nick.

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This Brexit voter told Nick Ferrari he would now vote Remain
This Brexit voter told Nick Ferrari he would now vote Remain. Picture: PA / LBC

"The EU has been absolutely useless on the vaccines, but I do a lot of eBay to Europe and now no-one's buying anything off me in Europe.

"I've been lied to."

He added: "Did anyone say, 'when we leave the EU, all our stuff is going to be taxed when we try to sell it'?

"Why is someone going to buy something off me... when there's a 25 per cent tax on it when it goes to Europe?

"And also, if I buy anything in Europe, we have to pay a tax on it when it comes into the country.

"It's outrageous. We were so lied to."

Asked how he would vote after considering the UK's vaccine rollout success outside of the bloc versus trade blocks, issues at ports and unrest in Northern Ireland since exiting the EU, the caller replied: "I'd stay, we've been lied to."