Business Secretary criticises 'gotcha' questions over coronavirus rules

30 September 2020, 11:41

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

When asked if he understood all the Covid rules in place Business Secretary Alok Sharma told LBC it was "so early in the morning for a gotcha question."

A Cabinet minister has hit out at "gotcha" style questioning after Boris Johnson was left floundering when asked to explain new coronavirus rules.

Business Secretary Alok Sharma said people should look up official websites from the Government and councils to find out which regulations applied in their areas.

When LBC's Nick Ferrari asked Mr Sharma if he was "completely across all the rule" the reply from the Tory MP was that it was "so early in the morning for a gotcha question."

He added, "if people want to understand what the rules are in their local area they should look on the website."

But Labour has hit out and said it was an issue of "basic Government competence" to know the rules put in place by ministers.

Earlier during the interview, the minister set out the rules and regulations and said there were 13 million people across England facing various levels of restrictions."

The minister said you can find out the rules on the Government website or on the website of your local authority.

When Nick Ferrari pressed the Government minister on whether the rules "need to be this confusing," Mr Sharma said the Government was trying to be "pragmatic" about the rules, with differing levels depending on your location.

Labour's Shadow health minister Alex Norris said: "The Prime Minister should understand the rules he is asking huge numbers of people to follow.

"That's not a gotcha, that's just basic Government competence."