Nick Ferrari challenges Business Secretary over Covid funeral mourner limits

22 April 2021, 08:24

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Watch the moment Nick Ferrari confronts the Business Secretary over the 'draconian' limits on mourners at funerals due to Covid rules.

With newspapers reporting tens of thousands of families will suffer under Covid funeral rules which limit mourner numbers, charities have called for a review of the 30-person limit.

This led to LBC's Nick Ferrari questioning Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng on the matter.

The Daily Mail reporter funeral directors expect at least another 80,000 cremations and burials to fall under Covid curbs between now and June 21 – the earliest date for easing under Boris Johnson's roadmap.

Nick asked the Business Secretary if he was aware of the campaign, and if it was something he would look at.

"Absolutely," was Kwasi Kwarteng's immediate reply. He went on to acknowledge it was a "very difficult thing to say goodbye to loved ones in a very restricted environment."

But, he pointed out the "duty" to ensure the coronavirus is suppressed.

Nick pressed the Secretary of State again.

"So thousands of people can go to the FA Cup semi-final, thousands can attend the Crucible Sheffield to watch the snooker. I could get on an aeroplane and sit next to somebody who I have never met before in my life, but I can't go to my auntie's funeral? Explain how that works."

Mr Kwartengs' response did "not add up" according to Nick, who again pressed the Secretary of State.

"You know this is wrong," Nick said, urging the Government representative to review the limit now.

The Mail reported that Dr Shelley Gilbert, founder of the charity Grief Encounter, estimated 750,000 Britons have been 'deeply impacted' by grief following the death of a loved one in the past year.

The Good Grief Trust also called last night for a relaxation of the funeral restrictions so bereaved families can be given greater support.