Caller bans 'selfish' anti-vaxxer son from house over Covid infection fears

20 July 2021, 07:36

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This caller tells Nick Ferrari she has banned her 30-year-old, 'selfish' anti-vaxxer, son from her house over Covid fears.

"I don't agree with Boris very often, but this time I do," this caller told Nick Ferrari as she explained why she supported vaccine passports.

Josie in Camberley told Nick Ferrari she has "banned" her 30-year-old son from her house.

"You've banned your son? Why?" Nick asked.

The caller revealed she was concerned about the risk to her 70-year-old husband and herself of catching Covid from their son.

She told Nick she was due to have surgery soon.

"I don't want to get this Covid."

Amazingly the caller went on to explain she had told her son "if he gets Covid, we won't be looking after him."

Nick asked if her son had had his vaccinations and the caller said "he won't, he's one of these anti-vaxxers."

Josie said there was a huge family rift now, with her son even hanging up the phone on her.

The Prime Minister was facing a backlash over his plans to make coronavirus vaccination compulsory for nightclubs and other crowded venues in the autumn.

Clubs, backbench Tories and opposition MPs criticised Boris Johnson's announcement on Monday - the day that clubs in England were allowed to open for the first time since March last year.

The latest data shows the number of people receiving the vaccine continues to climb rapidly with over 82m jabs issued in the UK.