Caller opens up about "horrible" conditions in Amazon warehouse

18 February 2020, 10:25 | Updated: 18 February 2020, 10:27

This caller told Nick Ferrari about the "horrible" conditions in an Amazon warehouse where he "wasn't allowed to go to the toilet" or talk because they were "constantly being watched."

Hundreds of people have been seriously injured in UK Amazon warehouses and in a London warehouse a worker lost consciousness and "appeared to stop breathing", the GMB Union found in an investigation.

Cameron in Camden worked in the London warehouse for two weeks over Christmas and only got two 15 minute breaks in his overnight eight hour shift.

When he wanted to go to the toilet, Cameron said, figures of authority would say "no just work another hour then you can go."

"It was hot in there, you couldn't even grab some more food if you wanted because of the two 15 minute breaks," Cameron said.

While you could make quite good money, he said, "Was it worth it for your mental state? No. Was it worth it for your physical state? No."