Caller tells Nick Ferrari he should be fined £10,000 for forgetting his mask

1 October 2020, 08:15

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari was left speechless after this caller told him he should be fined £10,000 for "even admitting" he had forgotten to put his mask on as he entered a shop.

The exchange came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's father Stanley apologised after being pictured shopping in London without wearing a face covering.

Jeremy Corbyn has also apologised after being pictured attending a dinner party with eight other people, in an apparent breach of the rule of six.

Failing to comply with guidance around face coverings were increased to £200 for first-time offenders last week, and £10,000 for serious breaches of coronavirus regulation.

Stewart in Battersea said that the 80-year-old former politician should be fined for walking into a store.

Nick told the caller that he'd walked into the chemist without putting a face mask on and only remembered once he'd gotten towards the counter.

Stewart said Nick should be fined for "even admitting" he entered a store without a covering.

Nick was in disbelief: "Oh my god, we are in East Germany. So I can't even admit to a genuine mistake now without facing a £10,000 fine."

Stewart responded, "But it's not a genuine mistake, thousands of people are dying."

"I walked into the store, I picked up the product that I was buying and suddenly I saw a girl with a mask and I put my mask on," Nick said.

Stewart said: "You should have put the product down, walked out of the shop and put your mask on."

Nick was flabbergasted and Stewart insisted he wants to live in an environment that is "safe for old people."

Nick reflected, "It's not the Britain I know."