Caller with broken arm tells LBC she's waited 9 months for operation

9 October 2020, 08:50 | Updated: 9 October 2020, 16:54

By Fiona Jones

This caller broke her arm in January and it is stuck at 90 degrees - she told Nick Ferrari she still has no idea when she will have an operation.

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Caller Sophie Meredith took a fall and her broken arm was put in a sling - before the pandemic, she had to wait between eight and ten weeks for surgery anyway and as that date approached it was cancelled, as the procedure was due to take place the day after national lockdown was announced.

Her arm is stuck at 90 degrees and she "has a lot of fragments" in her elbow, which means her movement is greatly restricted.

She told Nick it affects her in most ways as she has broken her dominant arm, and she has no independence as she can no longer drive.

Thankfully, she is able to work part-time from home in office admin.

"I tried to contact the hospital...but there's never anyone there," she said, "the last time I spoke to anyone was in July and that's because I got lucky and managed to get hold of them."

Sophie told Nick she has "no indication" of when they're going to fix her arm.