'Here we go again, another task force another review, it's all talk, talk, talk'

15 March 2021, 10:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Nick Ferrari challenges Policing Minister Kit Malthouse over a 'very significant' fall in the number of rape convictions.

Watch as the Policing Minister is questioned over rape convictions having fallen to an all-time low.

Nick Ferrari asked Kit Malthouse MP: "Is Jess Phillips right when she says, under the Conservatives rape convictions have fallen to an all-time low? Is she right there Minister? "

Responding the Minister said there has been a "challenge with rape convictions."

Pushing Mr Malthouse, Nick asked if this meant the Labour MP was correct.

Admitting there has been a 'significant fall, the Policing Minister said: " You’re absolutely right, yea they have fallen very significantly over the last few years. That’s for a variety of reasons but that’s exactly why we’re on the verge of publishing an end to end rape review…"

Which led Nick to challenge the Minister over this response.

"Here we go again. Another review, another taskforce, meanwhile the convictions are falling. This is not Mayor Johnson and Deputy Mayor Malthouse is it? This is Prime Minster Johnson and Minister Malthouse, and it’s all talk, talk, talk."

But Mr Malthouse said it was not all talk. He said they were complicated issued which the Government were attempting to resolve.

He said: "It’s not talk Nick. These are extremely complicated issues and we have to diagnose where the problem lies, is the problem with the gathering of evidence, is the problem with the handover from the police at the CPS, is it all those things. "