Chemical Attack Survivor Pleads With PM To Stop Assad

7 April 2017, 07:54 | Updated: 7 April 2017, 08:40

A Syrian survivor of a chemical attack has recorded a video message for Theresa May, pleading with her to help Donald Trump to take down President Assad.

Kassem Eid survived a chemical attack by President Bashar Assad in 2013 in Syria.

Following Donald Trump's order of 59 missile strikes on Syrian airbases, Mr Eid pleaded with Mrs May to join the US President in taking down Assad.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, he said: "I just want to send a quick message for Prime Minister Theresa May. Please, it's time for the UK to go back on track and do the right thing.

"The Iraq War was a mistake, the Afghanistan War was a mistake. But Syria is right.

"There is a dictator who has been bothering people for five years. You should join forces and go and punish the murderer who helped create ISIS, who is still displacing people and sending refugees to Europe.

"If you want to keep the UK safe, take out the man who created ISIS and the refugee crisis."

Nick suggested the same could be said of Iraq and Saddam Hussein, but Mr Eid responded: "No sir. With all due respect, Syria is different. We demonstrated peacefully for more than nine months. 50million people were demonstrating in the streets, asking for freedom and dignity.

"And we've been getting children shot every day while the world is watching."

Mr Eid outlined the justification for attacks, saying: "Bashar Assad is a war criminal who killed 100,000 people. He tortured more than 50,000 people, he displaced half of the country. He fuelled ISIS, he fuelled the extremists with his crimes against humanity."