Cinemas' decision to ban Blue Story is "racist", says journalist

26 November 2019, 08:06

A journalist told LBC that the decision by two cinema chains to ban gang-themed film Blue Story is "racist".

Groups of youths, some armed with machetes, were involved in a mass brawl at the Star City multiplex in Birmingham.

And Vue cinemas have banned the film after revealing 24 incidents surrounding screenings of the film.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Chanté Joseph said: "I think it's absolutely a racist decision.

"You're making this link between black art and criminality when there wasn't any, at least in the first instance.

"I don't see how this actually prevents issues from happening in the future. It just covers up a wider issue."

Nick Ferrari heard from a journalist backing the film Blue Story
Nick Ferrari heard from a journalist backing the film Blue Story. Picture: PA / LBC

Ms Joseph also said the cinemas needed to take the blame for the violence, adding: "Why isn't this an issue of security or why isn't this an issue of ensuring that you have the right ages there.

"People who were a part of the brawl that happened at Star City were under the age of 15, so they weren't even allowed to be in the screening in the first place."

But Nick pointed out: "Do you honestly think people walking around with a machete are respectful of the age of certificates, do you?"

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