Cycling Campaigner Told He "Lives On A Different Planet" In Fiery Debate

24 August 2017, 10:23

A cycling campaigner was told he "lives on a different planet" after saying there is no problem with bike riders in London.

Francis Sedgemore told Nick Ferrari that only a tiny percentage of cyclists break the laws of the road.

He said: "This is a tiny number of people. There are very many fixed-wheel cyclists on London's streets. And if you watch them, the vast majority of them have road-legal bikes.

"The kind of people who ride brakeless fixed-wheel bikes are very young, carefree and very fashion conscious as well. They are a tiny, tiny minority."

But Edward Adoo, a writer who is calling for bikes to be registered, told him: "Francis lives on a different planet.

"He seems to think that everything is fine and dandy and there are no problems.

"I face problems all the time from irate cyclists who don't have any respect. They go through red lights. And there is no one there to stop them, that's the issue. They think that they own the roads.

"This is where the Cyclist Registration Scheme could come in if it is introduced. It would at least help to alleviate these problems and to catch those people who are going through red lights and causing havoc on the roads."

Nick was discussing the topic after Charlie Alliston was found guilty of causing bodily harm by "wanton or furious driving" when he hit mum-of-two Kim Briggs as she was crossing the road in her lunch break. She suffered serious head injuries and died a week later in hospital. He was cleared of manslaughter by a jury at the Old Bailey.

This video shows just how much longer it takes to stop a fixed-wheel bike, than a regulation bike with front brakes.