David Blunkett Says A Second Referendum Could Be Held Within Four Months

18 January 2019, 12:49

Lord Blunkett has told LBC that a second Brexit referendum could be organised by May this year.

The former Labour Home Secretary admitted voting again on EU membership would spark “disillusionment” and “distrust” but said there was no alternative.

“I don’t like it but that’s the option that is available,” he told Nick Ferrari on Friday morning.

“We will have divisions, we will have anger, we will have frustration, but in the end, getting the other bits of our politics right is what should be the answer to those are who totally disaffected.”

Lord Blunkett says a second referendum could be held by May
Lord Blunkett says a second referendum could be held by May. Picture: PA/LBC

Meanwhile, civil service guidance shown to MPs says a second referendum would take more than a year to organise.

The document, obtained by the Daily Telegraph, lays out each stage required to hold a new vote.

Lord Blanket, however, believes the time frame could be much shorter.

And, he says there would be a majority in both the House of Commons and Lords for a new Brexit poll.

“We could legislate within three weeks,” the Labour peer said.

“We could have a two-and-a-half month campaign and we could have a vote in May.”