Constituent Calls David Gauke On LBC To Complain About His Voting Record

27 September 2019, 10:59 | Updated: 27 September 2019, 11:02

This constituent of David Gauke's called LBC to query why he voted against the Conservative Conference.

David Gauke, one of the 21 MPs to have the whip withdrawn after voting against Boris Johnson's Brexit plans, yesterday voted against allowing parliament to go into recess for the Conservative Party Conference.

As he defended his decision live with Nick Ferrari this morning, Gary from Berkhamsted was so livid that he phoned in to tell the MP for South West Hertfordshire what he thinks.

He told Mr Gauke: "This absolutely smacks of bad grace, the vote you took part in to not allow the recess. I'm disgusted by it.

"To me, it's utter, utter puerile behaviour on your part."

Mr Gauke insisted: "We are still holding the Conservative Party Conference. It is still going to happen, Ministers are still going to be up there."

David Gauke was challenged by an LBC listener over his "puerile" position
David Gauke was challenged by an LBC listener over his "puerile" position. Picture: PA / LBC

When Gary asked why he voted against it then, he responded: "Given that the Supreme Court has said that the prorogation has been quashed, there is the opportunity for parliament to continue to scrutinise the government, then in the exceptional circumstances in the run-up to 31st October, parliament should remain sitting.

"And remember, the government is still talking about proroguing parliament again. There are limited number of days between now and the 31st October."

But Gary was still not happy, stating: "I'm a member of the constituency party. I'm waiting for someone from the South West Hertfordshire party to tell me who we are going to elect as our next representative MP."

Mr Gauke ended by saying: "The fact is that the Brexit issue is hugely divisive and it's not possible to please everybody all of the time. I'm conscious that whenever you take a stand on a particular point, there are some people who won't support it.

"I stand by my position that we've had a referendum result. It wasn't what I wanted but I believe it should be implemented. But it should be implemented in a sensible way which requires a deal.

"If we leave without a deal on 31st October, that is going to have a very detrimental effect on this country and I've been prepared to do whatever I can to stop that from happening."