'Do you have the Prime Minister's phone number?' Nick Ferrari asks a minister

30 April 2021, 08:17

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

"Do you have the Prime Minister's phone number?" Nick Ferrari grills a minister after Boris Johnson's mobile number appeared online.

After it emerged Boris Johnson's mobile phone number could have been freely available online for the last 15 years, Nick Ferrari questioned a minister.

The PM's number appears on a press release from 2006 and it doesn't seem to have been changed since.

Speaking to Safeguarding Minister Victoria Atkins the LBC presenter asked if she had the PM's new number.

"Do you have his new mobile phone number?" Nick asked.

Laughing in reply the minister said as part of Boris Johnson's government she has "all sorts of ways" of contacting the PM.

Reports earlier this month suggested senior officials had called on Johnson to change his number because of concerns about how many people contacted him directly.

Meanwhile, speaking exclusively to LBC the former head of MI6 said that "politicians and phones have always been a problem."

The PM's use of his mobile phone has been in the headlines following claims about exchanges of text with entrepreneur Sir James Dyson.

Earlier this month, The Daily Telegraph reported that Simon Case, the head of the civil service, suggested to the Prime Minister that he change numbers because his current one is too widely known.

Downing Street has declined to comment.