Ed Balls warns 'the story of Donald Trump and American populism is not over'

10 November 2020, 11:46

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

"I think Donald Trump will end up either choosing to concede or being forced to concede." Ed Balls has warned Trump is not going away any time soon.

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari Mr Balls said he feared "the story of Donald Trump and American populism is not over."

The conversation comes as the US presidential transition was thrown into tumult on Monday, with Donald Trump blocking government co-operation with Joe Biden's team and Attorney General William Barr authorising the Justice Department to investigate allegations of electoral fraud.

Mr Ball said that President Trump was "overtly whipping up the sense of exclusion and betrayal the idea there has been a conspiracy."

"I think what he's up to is that he may be trying to change the result," the former MP told LBC.

But he added that President Trump could be "launching his bid for 2024."

The Electoral College is scheduled to formally confirm Mr Biden's victory on December 14 and the Democrat will be sworn into office in late January.

Mr Trump has declined to concede the presidential race and is mounting legal fights, but there has been no indication or evidence of voter irregularities or widespread fraud in the election.