End These Monocultures In British Society, Insists Nick Ferrari

'Enough is enough' said Theresa May. But Nick Ferrari says the spawning of these terrorists in British society is down to the politicians.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nick said: "Enough is enough says the Prime Minister. Well the last time I looked, it wasn't you and I'm damned certain it wasn't me who allowed the sort of monoculture to develop in so many cities in this country.

"And the last time I looked, I don't think it was you and I know it wasn't me who allowed hate preachers to come in.

"And the last time I looked, I know again it wasn't me, I wasn't dragging my feet trying to kick these people out of the country.

"It wasn't us who allowed this to happen, it wasn't on our watch. It was on your watch. And these ridiculous policies that have allowed this to fester.

"It is wholly wrong that you are allowed to fester in your own monoculture, just speaking your own language, never ever mingling with people. It won't work.

Nick Ferrari and Theresa May
Nick Ferrari and Theresa May. Picture: LBC / PA

"And what do we do? We ensure that when you go to your local authority or when you go to a hospital or if you go to court or if you need your bins emptying, we give it to you in a different language, so you can continue to be in your own little area, never speaking English, never interacting with English, never seeing some of the benefits that this country has, which by the way most of you will find, we speak English. We continue to tolerate that.

"Now I'm not saying if you don't learn English we're going to kick you out. Some poor woman coming here from India, if she hasn't learnt English in six months, she's booted back to Delhi. I'm not saying that for one moment.

"But this has to be addressed. Because these monocultures that have grown up, let's for the purpose of debate say in an area of Manchester that spawned that killer. In an area possibly of East London that has spawned these killers, they have got to be broken down.

"Because it's not the England that I grew up in and it's not the England that I recognise and it's not the England that I raised my sons in."