Ex-Labour voters won't forgive Tories for A-level fiasco, Nick Ferrari warns Grant Shapps

14 August 2020, 09:14

By Adrian Sherling

Nick Ferrari told Grant Shapps that the former Labour voters in the north who backed the Tories in last year's election may not forgive them for the A-level fiasco.

The data from exams watchdog Ofqual shows pupils across the north - in the so-called Red Wall which the Tories turned blue - saw their A-level results downgraded more than in any other parts of England.

One school in Rotherham, 84% of students had their grades lowered.

Speaking to the Transport Secretary, Nick Ferrari said: "In England, there is widespread consternation, particularly in areas that you and your colleagues actually broke through the so-called Red Wall.

"Do you honestly think that former Labour voters, whose children's careers and futures you've destroyed, will ever vote Conservative again?"

Nick Ferrari pushed Grant Shapps on the A-levels fiasco
Nick Ferrari pushed Grant Shapps on the A-levels fiasco. Picture: LBC

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