Extinction Rebellion: Nick Ferrari's Fiery Row With Protester Over "Unrealistic" Demands

8 October 2019, 08:58

Nick Ferrari labelled the Extinction Rebellion demands "wholly unrealistic" in a feisty argument with a protester live on LBC.

Sister group Animal Rebellion have blockaded the iconic avenue in the middle of Smithfield Market.

Nick spoke to protester Alex Lockwood, who was at the demonstration, and told him that the group have targets that are simply not achievable.

Mr Lockwood said: "We were pioneers in the industrial revolution and we can be pioneers again in the green revolution."

But the LBC presenter told him: "We already are. The country has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050."

Nick Ferrari had a heated row with Alex Lockwood
Nick Ferrari had a heated row with Alex Lockwood. Picture: LBC

Mr Lockwood insisted that is too far away and said Extinction Rebellion have a target of 2025 instead.

But Nick then said: "That means all petrol cars must be gone in five years. That is wholly unrealistic.

"That is utterly impossible, you must realise that. So when will you and your colleagues stop painting walls and realise this country is doing a hell of a lot. Why won't you accept that?"

The protester admitted he does accept that, so Nick told him that paints him into a corner.

The conversation then got even more heated. Watch it at the top of the page.