Feisty Corbynista Clashes With Nick Over Labour Leader's Student Debt Comments

24 July 2017, 08:31 | Updated: 24 July 2017, 09:24

"I want to confront you on this, Nick" is how one feisty Corbyn fan began a conversation with Nick Ferrari about the Labour Leader's comments.

In an interview with NME in June, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would "deal with the student debts acquired by graduates, and wipe out fees for current students.

But Corbyn insisted yesterday that he did not commit to wiping out graduates' student loan debts, telling the BBC's Andrew Marr "we were unaware of the size of it at the time".

Nick Ferrari thinks this is a u-turn, but one feisty Corbyn fan, Bukan, was having none of it.

The caller said to Nick: "Jeremy Corbyn never once said 'I'm going to pay off £100 billion debt."

Jeremy Corbyn: I never promised to write off student debt

Nick asked: "What do you take from the expression 'deal with it?'"

He replied: "Listen, I want to confront you with this, Nick."

The LBC Presenter said: "You can, but the expression he used was 'deal with it', what do you take from that expression?"

Bukan said he thinks he meant lessening the burden, not wiping student debt completely.

The Labour Leader was interviewed by NME in June during the election campaign Photo: NME
The Labour Leader was interviewed by NME in June during the election campaign Photo: NME. Picture: NME

Nick then read out Corbyn's comments from the June 1 interview: "I'm looking at ways we could reduce the debt, I will deal with it."

Nick added: "What would you expect anyone to take from that Bukan?"

The caller said he thinks the Labour leader meant he "could do what he could do".

The LBC Presenter wasn't too convinced.

Bukan continued: "The way you lot have been portraying him is as a con merchant."

The call proceeded to get increasingly heated - watch the clip to see what happened.