Ferrari Forces Guest To Withdraw His Unsubstantiated Claim About Tory MP

11 July 2017, 07:54 | Updated: 11 July 2017, 08:18

This guest made an unsubstantiated claim about Conservative MP Anne-Marie Morris and Nick Ferrari wouldn't let him get away with it.

The Tory MP has had her whip suspended after being recorded using the phrase "n***** in the woodpile during a speaking event while discussing Brexit.

Weyman Bennett from Stand Up To Racism told Nick that she should be sacked immediately due to her continuing racist behaviour since she was suspended.

Nick queried what that continuing behaviour was - and that is when the conversation got very heated.

Nick Ferrari got angry at guest Weyman Bennett
Nick Ferrari got angry at guest Weyman Bennett. Picture: LBC

Mr Bennett said: "There is a problem and it needs to be rooted out. I'm not surprised that she used that statement.

"There has been a long-term problem inside the Conservative party. The problem with this is we get the suspension of the whip, the continuation of the behaviour..."

Nick asked: "Talk to me about the continuation. In what way is the behaviour continuing? Tell me how."

When Mr Bennett failed to answer, Nick said: "You can't, can you? Do you want to withdraw that remark?"

It then got increasingly fiery. Watch the video above.