Freedom Day: Tory MP says country 'should have unlocked on June 21'

15 June 2021, 07:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Conservative MP Mark Harper says 'Freedom Day' should have happened on June 21 as he reveals concern over possible future restrictions.

The Tory MP, who is also the Chair of the Covid Recovery Group, told LBC's Nick Ferrari he believes the country could have moved ahead with unlocking in the 21st of June.

Boris Johnson announced yesterday the next step of his roadmap is being paused for four weeks until July 19th.

It's because of rising case numbers of the Delta variant - first identified in India.

Boris Johnson says postponing step four of the government's roadmap will allow more people to receive vaccinations before further restrictions are eased.

It means nightclubs will stay shut, many music gigs will have to be cancelled and capacity limits for pubs and other venues remain in place.

The limit on guests at weddings will be lifted next week, although rules on singing and dancing remain.

Speaking to LBC Mr Harper said he had concerns over the language being used by the Prime Minister.

"All the words he's using about 'confidence about the 19th of July based on what he knows now'," has left some MPs worried that the government's roadmap would not move forward.

The Tory MP praised the vaccine program as he warned we would "have to learn to live" with Covid.