Fuming Vegan Slams Phone Down On Nick Ferrari After Comical Row

27 October 2017, 10:34

This is the hilarious row between Nick Ferrari and a self-confessed vegan, which resulted in the caller slamming the phone down.

Dee in Ipswich said eating meat was “cruel and disgusting” as well as a “drain on the NHS with people having heart attacks and high blood pressure”.

She was calling as Lancaster council became the first to ban unstunned halal meat in school dinners.

But the LBC caller tried to tell Nick Ferrari that all meat should be banned, which didn’t sit too well with him.

Becoming more and more irate as the debate went on, Dee fumed: “How many tonnes of grain, land and water to feed one cow so a dumb westerner can eat a steak?”

“Get an education, love,” she said before slamming down a phone.

“I think she’s gone,” Nick quipped. “What a shame, I was going to ask her out for a meal then.”