Does Trump Advisor Have Nazi Links? Nick Asks Him

27 April 2017, 09:26 | Updated: 27 April 2017, 09:32

Is top Trump advisor a fake doctor with links to the Nazis? Nick Ferrari put those questions to the man himself, Dr Sebastian Gorka.

Donald Trump's Deputy Assistant Dr Sebastian Gorka joined Nick in the LBC studio for a fascinating interview about Donald Trump's achievements in the White House so far.

Gorka is a controversial figure, a top terrorism adviser to Trump who's been accused of links to a Hungarian right wing group that has Nazi ties.

"You've talked a little bit about fake news. Sebastian Gorka, are you a fake doctor?" asked Nick. The LBC presenter was curious about the institution that awarded Gorka his PHD, which he said was "not any of the leading list of colleges around the globe."

Gorka replied: "According to which outlet? You need to look at who writes this stuff. There is a proxy war going [on] out there...those who don't like Donald Trump come after us.

"One left wing website has written 39 attack pieces on me in the last 30 days."

Ferrari then pushed Gorka on those alleged ties to Nazi-supporting groups.

"Born in 1970, my father was nine years old when World War II began, then we have these outré, absurd accusations based on an award my father was given for being an anti-communist, tortured by the communists in 1950."

Nick: "But you have some kind of Hungarian honour?"

Gorka: "My father, my father had one and I inherited the medal. In memory of my parents and their suffering...I have worn it on special occasions."

"You don't think that's inappropriate?" asked Nick.

Gorka insisted he did not and when focus returned to media coverage on him, he said that being "hardline on jihadists" had won him enemies in the left wing press.