This Brilliant Tip On How To Survive Ikea Will Change How You Shop There

29 January 2018, 11:26

Nick Ferrari hates Ikea, ever since he had to build a Hemnes daybed from there. But this simple tip could change everything.

Nick bought the bed with three railings and two draws and spent so long trying to put it together that it turned him off the shop forever.

But Harry Wallop, a retail expert, told him how to avoid the Ikea maze and being forced to browse the items that you don't want to buy.

Nick Ferrari was given a brilliant tip on how to shop at Ikea
Nick Ferrari was given a brilliant tip on how to shop at Ikea. Picture: LBC / PA

He told Nick: "In the old days, you used to browse the catalogue, now you can do it online and work out the stock code.

"You can then ring them up and find out where it is stored in the store.

"You then go in the back entrance. You do not go through the showroom. You go through the tills straight into the loading bay area.

"If you're only going for one or two things, do not walk through the showrooms because that's where you can have a divorce and you buy some tat that you don't want. It's this tat that made Ikea its profit margins."