Gym owner explains to LBC why he is refusing to close during lockdown

6 November 2020, 09:34

By Fiona Jones

Owner of Majestic Martial Arts gym in Wigan, Kevin Harper, is refusing to close his gym during lockdown despite receiving visits from the council and police.

LBC's Nick Ferrari talked to Mr Harper after the news came that a Harlow gym owner was arrested on suspicion of breaching coronavirus legislation after she also kept her business open.

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"Last night we had a visit from the police first of all who admitted there is no criminal matter, which I've got on video...and t the second [visit] was from four members of the police and two members of the council," Mr Harper said, claiming that he had a feeling "the police didn't really want to be there."

He told Nick that he "highly respects" the police and has never been a law-breaker before but took exception to the Government's calls for closure.

Mr Harper explained he is not concerned he will face a £10,000 fine because as the authorities last night, he gave an affidavit to a council member and an officer "seeking clarification on the points of law I have raised."

"Until I receive that back, I'm assuming, as they said in the interview last night, that I'm allowed to stay open," he said, "I've not committed a crime business has not damaged any property or person."

"The United Kingdom signed up to the International Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and that document which was signed says...that I have the right to work. It is my human right to work," Mr Harper said, "and anybody that stops my human right to work would need to resign. It would need to affect their position in Government and they would need to resign."