Hilarious Moment Nick Ferrari Reads Out List Of Mean Tweets About Him

25 January 2019, 12:18

This is the hilarious moment Nick Ferrari read out a list of mean tweets people had been writing about him on social media.

It follows the LBC presenter’s appearance on Question Time last night.

Nick couldn’t contain his laughter as he read out a few reviews he’d spotted on Twitter.

Nick Ferrari reads out means tweets from Twitter
Nick Ferrari reads out means tweets from Twitter. Picture: LBC

One person wrote: “Nick Ferrari is a blustering old idiot.”

Another said: “Nick Ferrari is the most inappropriately named person since Lord Adonis.

“A better name would be Nick Fiat Panda and set it on fire”.

A third added: “Nick Ferrari shock jock. Outside his broom cupboard he seems a very bitter man.”

And the list went on. Watch above.