'I wouldn't force people to have the Covid jab,' Health Minister says

10 May 2021, 08:29

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Health Minister Nadie Dorries has told LBC she would not support forcing care home staff to get the Covid jab.

After it was reported that three in four care homes have staff who have refused to take the Covid jab, Nick Ferrari questioned a Health Minister.

Branding the statistics of "great concern" to those who have relatives in care homes Nick asked Mental Health Minister Nadine Dorries what should be done.

Assuring Nick that the relevant Minister would be looking into the matter, Mrs Dorries said as a Government there is no policy that people can be forced to be vaccinated.

"Should you? Should there be a policy? Should it be mandatory?" Nick challenged the Minister.

Ms Dorries said she was "sure that is something which is under review and being discussed."

But, she said the country "needs to exercise caution" with the Government "looking carefully," moving out of lockdown.

In response to Nick Ferrari's "very direct question," Ms Dories said she would not be in favour of forcing people to have the Covid jab.