Immigration To Blame For Extreme Debt, Blasts Nick

23 August 2016, 13:51 | Updated: 1 September 2016, 13:56

Nick Ferrari has taken the author of a report on the rise extreme debt to task for not investigating if mass immigration is to blame.

A report from the TUC claims that more than 1.5million families are in extreme debt in Britain, paying nearly half of their household income in repayments.

It says that a fall in real terms wages, but Nick was angry that they didn't look at whether the large number of migrants coming to Britain was a major factor.

Kam Gill, the Economics Spokesperson at the TUC, told LBC: "In 2007, rather than a growth in unemployment, what we saw was workers willing to take a cut in their wages or reduced hours.

"Since that point, while employment has stayed strong, wages have not grown at anything like the rate that employment has."

But when he admitted that the report didn't look at if the influx of people moving to Britain from overseas, Nick blasted: "You put out this report: 'Britain In The Red' along with Unison and say we're all doomed, hardly anyone's got enough money to pay the gas bill and children won't have any shoes on their feet.

"Then you just blithely ignore what many people see as one of the driving factors. Aren't you letting your members down?"

"Is it because it's an inconvenient truth?"