"Indefensible" Jeremy Corbyn Not Tackling Labour's Anti-Semitism Row

30 July 2018, 11:36

The anti-semitism row within the Labour party is not a perception says Nick Ferrari, as he takes Jeremy Corbyn to task for not doing anything about it.

Nick Ferrari called Jeremy Corbyn "indefensible" as he ripped apart the anti-semitism row within his party.

The LBC presenter said the problem was "not perception" and that Mr Corbyn has failed "time after time, after time" to act.

"I do buy the idea that perhaps much of his party's support, much of the support he enjoys from Momentum, is based on this idea of the more anti-Israel, more pro-Palistine bedrock, and that is what keeps him in power and that's why he can't turn his back on it," he said.

"Is he anti-semite, or racist, himself? I very much doubt it.

"Does he lack the will to do something about it?

"Clearly he does."

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn is "indefensible" for not dealing with anti-semitism within the Labour party. Picture: PA